Amatrius Miniatures - Eau de parfum


The world’s first scientifically developed active fragrance series for men and women. Find the perfect scent for you. Try all four perfumes from the Amatrius collection.

Love Me

Intense – seductive – impassioned: A whiff of "Love Me" allows you to reconnect with experiences of intimacy, tenderness and trust. "Love Me" bestows tranquillity and peace of mind. It enables us to forget troublesome thoughts, toss negative emotions to the wind, and welcome contentment and passion of great depth.


Recharge Me

A sense of harmony and the desire to explore uncharted paths are the unique mix found in this stimulating, ecstatic and sensual fragrance. "Recharge Me" encourages us to embark on a journey of discovery and embrace something new. This fragrance energizes, refreshes and intrigues.


Unplug Me

Take a moment to pull the plug. Breathe deep, slow down, and get out of the fast lane. Unplug Me’s grassy, earthy fragrance soothes and relaxes. Lavish in the sense of utmost satisfaction that comes from feeling grounded and at peace with yourself.


Enjoy Me

Use your nose to start your day on the right foot. This fragrance positively reinforces your sense of self and is an inspirational olfactory experience. Enjoy Me's fresh, light-hearted and cheerful note will help you to focus your energy, take the initiative and leave negative thoughts behind.

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