Gold Hart Travel Candle

Gold Hart


The convenient travel size candle, encased in a contemporary matt black vessel, embellished with our metallic gold hart, will burn for approximately 20 hours.

Gold Hart scents will take you on a journey around Scotland;

Amber combines the balmy fragrances of our Scottish countryside in summer.  A wild flower laden woodland, enhanced by mellow top notes of spice. An elegant fragrance with heady notes of a highland woodland, cedar and vetiver, blend with the warmth of mysterious spices, precious amber and incense brought to Scotland from historic travels of the past.

Bramble - The sweet notes of blackberries and wild blooms are combined to create Bramble. Summer, nearly autumn in Scotland, with hedgerows bursting with dark gems of sweet bramble. A mélange of fresh, vibrant soft fruits and iris create this intoxicating fragrance

Glen A walk through the Highland Landscape with dew underfoot, the vibrant purples and greens of the heather are illustrated in Glen. Glen combines the fragrance of the pine forests of Scotland enhanced by citrus notes and mint. Conjuring memories of the vast, wild landscapes of the highlands, Glen infuses the room with notes of citrus, contrasting with base note woods of the ancient Scottish pine forests.

Shore is a ramble along a deserted island shore, the sea spray permeating the air with salt as the storm is anticipated. The fresh air of the Hebrides is captured in Shore. Imaginings of deserted wild beaches, as the scent of sea salt, aged driftwood and citrus fragranced wild flowers permeate the room.

Wild Rose blends the majestic beauty of Scotland’s vivid pink rose petals with the rich fragrant oil of the rosehip. The vintage, powdery scent of rose is re-worked to create this contemporary fragrance, harmonising gentle hints of wild rose, violet and a little wood.


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