True Grace Diffuser - Rainstorm

True Grace

200ml room diffuser

A patterned apothecary bottle, full of beautiful fragrance. As the bundle of natural reeds soak up the fragrance, they fill any room with a constant warmth and atmosphere. Presented in our traditional etched glass, this Seashore 200ml Room Diffuser was inspired by our life in the country and made by hand in our carbon neutral Wiltshire factory. 


Rain Storm Fragrance:

A sudden downpour stops, the sun casts light through the clouds and the earth releases an intoxicating scent. The charming British weather!
  • Top notes: Ozone, watery, melon, soil
  • Middle notes: Earthy, floral, ozone
  • Base notes: Patchouli, amber, woody

Fresh for up to 10 weeks. Includes an apothecary bottle.


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