"The Synthesis of Fragrance and Science"
The world’s first scientifically developed active fragrance series for men and women. None of our senses influences our emotional experience as significantly as smell. The nose instinctively selects what we covet or reject, from food to people. But our sense of smell can do so much more. It can trigger our emotions in ways of which we may not be consciously aware.

"Scents with Benefits"
Our line of four different AMATRIUS® Eaux de Parfums has been formulated as the first fragrance series to specifically activate the 350 different human scent receptors at the cellular level – according to the individual emotional state we wish to achieve, maintain or stimulate. Depending on which of the custom fragrances is selected, it can make the most out of the day by helping to reduce stress, create calm, feel motivated or energized. All four AMATRIUS® scents inspire us to take a kind and conscious look within, and indulge ourselves with tender loving care.