Experience functional beauty, formed from nature.

Sourced from the Cap Bon peninsula in Tunisia, Gharyan Stoneware starts its life as pure, mineral-rich clay fed by the azure depths of the Mediterranean sea. As an area steeped in the deeply ancient tradition of pottery, expert craftsmen have lived for generations in Cap Bon, passing down thousands of years of pure artistry, hand-to-hand, to the artisans that continue to create Gharyan stoneware pieces today.

Fired at heats exceeding 1200°C, Gharyan Stoneware is naturally,  heat and shatter resistant, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and completely free of toxic heavy metals (like cadmium and lead) and carcinogens found in other, less robust, ceramic forms.

Gharyan believes in sustainable and fair trade. All of their products are made in Tunisia where it's guaranteed that workers benefit from all their rights.



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