• Dr Osbourne's Gin

Dr Osbourne’s No.46 and Dr Osbourne’s No.99 were created one dreary November afternoon by Mr and Mrs Lewis of The Mhor Collection. Brought to life by Hamish Martin of the Old Curiosity Distillery, each of these unique spirits is made using a combination of single plant distillates. Born of a blind-nosing of over 40 single plant distillates, each gin combines three botanicals grown at the Secret Herb Garden, just outside of Edinburgh. Why the name Dr Osbourne’s? Osbourne is Tom's middle name. Lisa May's childhood doctor was known as the lovely Dr. Osbourne. Herbs are medicinal.

Tom and Lisa May are both chefs by profession, so it’s no wonder they chose three botanicals for each of their gins that went exceptionally well together. However, the botanicals in Lisa May's gin seem to reflect her love of gardening, harnessing lighter, more floral aromas, while Tom’s is more savoury and combines flavours one would come across daily in the kitchen.

When researching the benefits that each of these botanicals possess, they were both surprised to find that they had instinctively chosen those that were good for them as individuals. As they are both great believers that you are what you eat (and drink…) this was all Mr and Mrs Lewis needed convince them that these were the perfect blends for them.

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