Amatrius Avocado Oil - Recharge Me


Skin Treatment 

Amatrius Avocado Oil, a richly nourishing skin treatment brought to you in four scientifically formulated oil blends, each with an individual impact on your skin and your senses. The super-powered avocado oil soothes your body while your chosen Impact Fragrance oil blend helps promote wellness from the inside out.

Each scent is specially formulated with the Amatrius Avocado Oil to trigger an individual holistic response and promise a sensory story of comfort and impact.

Sun Defence 

Amatrius Avocado Oil is also an effective sun defence oil that, studies suggest, triggers your body’s own protective response at mitochondrial level, while the scientifically-formulated blend of oils contained in each fragrance promote the holistic well-being that you need throughout the day. Ideal for use by adults and children to help shield skin from the challenges of everyday life. Use with an appropriate sun protection cream to maximise your protection against UV rays.

Scent - Recharge Me

A sense of harmony and the desire to explore uncharted paths are the unique mix found in this stimulating, ecstatic and sensual fragrance. "Recharge Me" encourages us to embark on a journey of discovery and embrace something new. This fragrance energizes, refreshes and intrigues.


Also available in 

  • Love Me
  • Unplug Me
  • Enjoy me

Vegan, cruelty-free and ethically produced

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