Fly Brooch


Each brooch is hand crafted in the style of a fully dressed Victorian salmon fly made popular by our forefathers who were convinced that the King of the fish (Salar the Salmon) would only try and eat insects as beautiful as butterflies! The brooch itself is gold in colour and about 4cm long. The hook point is made safe with the addition of a small gold bead and there is a pin at the back to attach the brooch onto one’s coat, jacket, hat, or scarf. The materials used to make the fly vary but will usually contain tying silk, tinsel, floss, and feathers. The majority of the feathers are responsibly sourced from local Devon shoots (pheasant, duck, jay, and partridge). The individual brooches come in gold presentation boxes and are mounted on Black Watch tartan. These brooches can become a unique long lasting colourful gift for him or her – they look stunning on blazers, tweeds, shooting and fishing jackets, felt hats, and scarves.